Anxiety Unravelled ebook

A unique approach to healing anxiety and panic using wisdom from Ayurveda, modern research and personal experience

So many sufferers of anxiety and panic end up feeling like they’ve tried everything and nothing has worked. But if you know exactly what you need to do to recover, and most importantly why, you will have the confidence to keep going, knowing that your recovery is inevitable. Anxiety Unravelled will give you a really deep understanding of anxiety and panic and covers every angle to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Anxiety Unravelled uniquely combines:

•A five step process to stop panic attacks within seconds
•the invaluable insights of ayurvedic wisdom
•knowledge gained from the author’s professional practice of naturopathy, herbal medicine, homoeopathy and teaching meditation;
•the deep understanding and compassion that has come from personal experience of anxiety and panic.

The book gives a simple overview of Ayurveda and how it provides the important missing links in our understanding of anxiety including:

•Why does anxiety occur and “why me?”
•Why do some people suffer anxiety under stress whilst others are more likely to suffer ulcers or heart attacks and still others thrive under pressure?
•How is your lifestyle increasing your tendency to become anxious or to worry excessively and what can you do about it?
•What explains the mysterious setbacks often experienced during recovery from anxiety states?
•Why is anxiety is so prevalent at this time in history?

•Dozens of practical ideas that can be used straightaway to start restoring your nervous system to balance and soothe the mind
•the secrets to making meditation effective and satisfying
•letting go of insomnia
•foods that aggravate and foods that soothe anxiety
•and so much more!

Let Anxiety Unravelled help you understand the source of anxiety with information that will benefit your whole life long after anxiety problems are a just a memory.

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