Insomnia - 40 tips to a better sleep

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Insomnia and anxiety don’t always go together. Sometimes the anxious person is so exhausted from their day of worry and restlessness that sleep is welcomed effortlessly, with a sense of relief, like being gathered into a comforting embrace. However, insomnia or unrefreshing sleep are very common, even amongst those who wouldn’t consider themselves to be particularly anxious.

"Insomnia – 40 tips to a better sleep" gives you all the information you need to improve your sleep. It will:
-help you understand why you are having difficulty sleeping,
-give you 10 essential tips for improving sleep
-plus another 30 tips that you can choose from – taking whatever you feel is possible or appropriate
It gives:
-techniques for dealing with worry,
-techniques to help you relax,
-natural remedies that can help improve sleep patterns,
-tips on how to establish good sleep habits,
-diet considerations
-and more!

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